Level 5 Holding is honored to announce the Opening of RODD & GUNN New Zealand first stores in Lebanon. A terrific addition to our collection of top-tier retailers.

Since 1946, RODD & GUNN has been sourcing the finest quality fabrics to produce a range of premium men’s clothing that’s stylish, practical and durable.

It embraces a relaxed living aesthetic, no matter the season. The collections are built around iconic, evergreen pieces that can be effortlessly styled to suit your lifestyle. It combines new-generation fabrics with timeless manufacturing techniques to produce garments that are classic, yet contemporary.

And despite all circumstances RODD & GUNN New Zealand has landed in Lebanon.

We gladly invite you to explore the collection of iconic men’s shirts and polos, as well as quality knits, coats and jackets to keep you warm in style. And the range of men’s pants and trousers that are cut for ultimate fit and comfort, only at ABC Department stores Achrafieh L3 and Verdun L2 from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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Great news for all the fashionable men out there and the ladies who like to see their men elegant and classy every day! New Zealand’s 75-year obsessed brand with quality, has landed in Lebanon despite all circumstances. Rodd & Gunn stores are now open at ABC Achrafieh and Verdun displaying high-quality menswear and accessories.

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