Lebtivity 11th Anniversary A celebration of Lebanon’s Event Scene and the Launching of a New Platform in 11 Countries across the World

Lebtivity.com (created on 22 May 2012) celebrated its 11th anniversary on the 27th of June and the events scene in Lebanon with 1000+ attendees from event organizers, celebrities, media, influencers, diplomats, embassies, musicians, artists, actors, restaurant and hotel owners and people in the Hospitality and Tourism sector… at Chateau Rweiss located in Chnaniir, Ghazir.

With a vibrant atmosphere and engaging celebration, Lebtivity Anniversary exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional value to all participants. Attendees got the chance to experience many events in one with Lebtivity in an evening of Arts, Culture & Fun!

It was a real celebration of Lebanon’s Events Scene featuring a glimpse of Lebtivity.com website categories with various short performances from Music, Arts & Culture, Exhibitions, Sports & Outdoors & much more!


In this Celebration 3 announcements were done:

1- The first Announcement is the launching of the TRIPS, TOURS & RETREATS as a new section on Lebtivity.com Events Calendar. The existing ones are: Arts & Culture, Conferences & Workshops, Exhibitions, Family & Kids, Food & Drinks, Music, Nightlife, Sports & Outdoors Other

PS: anyone can list their own event here: https://lebtivity.com/events/add


2- The second announcement is the Activities Directory having all permanent places to visit with the below categories: Accommodation, Activities & Things to do, Archeological & Touristic Sites, Cinemas & Theaters, Cultural Centers & Art Galleries, Ecotourism & Natural Sites, Event Venues, Kids & Teens Activities, Museums, Restaurants & Pubs, Sea & Snow Experiences, Shopping Experiences, Wineries & Breweries & Zen & Wellbeing

PS: anyone can list their location or permanent activity here: https://lebtivity.com/activities/add


3- The third announcement is that Lebtivity expanded to 11 new countries, discover the new international platform that will be free of charge until end of 2023:


The new countries are:

Armenia, Belgium, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE


The event showcased a dynamic program, curated by Lebtivity, featuring an array of captivating performances and activities across multiple categories. Attendees were immersed in an artistic journey, starting with the captivating Art Exhibition by Arame Gallery. The event continued to delight the audience with Tango dances by Mazen Kiwan Academy, elegant performances by Artists & More, and a soul-stirring hand pan and chant by Nacho Arimany who is performing this summer at Baalbeck Festival. The event celebrated cultural diversity through engaging performances such as Contemporary Dance by Reem & Alex with Yaraqa, a scintillating Tango Performance by Mazen Kiwan and Sahar Abou Khalil, and a musical showcase by Tony Abou Jaoude. A special appearance was made also by Chicago Arabia team announcing their shows at Beiteddine Festival.

The National Basketball Team also made a special appearance, highlighting the importance of sports and outdoor activities. Enthusiastic participants joined the energetic Poundfit performance by Fitness Zone with live drumming by Patrick Gharios. The event further delighted attendees with performances by Daly Gana Band who performed at the FIFA worldcup in Qatar, Bash Beats who made everyone dance on Afr-Trance music, Anwar & the tailors, and various talented artists like Johnny Aouad, Anthony Bernoty, Gus Farah, Gilbert Simon, Omar Hage, Ralph Khoury, and more shared the stage, while food and drink enthusiasts savored the offerings of the Food & Drinks Exhibition featuring Faqra catering and 30 exhibitors. The family section was highlighted in an entertaining experience at the Super-Heated Neurons Board Games booth, offering an interactive and entertaining time for all ages.

Lebtivity co-founder Randa Farah addressed in her speech the events, cultural, artistic and touristic community with a strong message that Arts & Culture never dies and Lebanon never dies. The Lebtivity  team also addressed a special thanks to all the partners who made this event happen. Many celebrities presented the different sections of the event: Bruno Tabbal, Daizy Gedeon, Maya Nassar,  Ken Rutkwoski, Sandy Grigsby, John Saad, Jamil Haddad.

Among the attendees:

HE Mr Ziad Makary – Minister of Information

Miss Lebanon Yasmina Zaytoun represnting HE Mr Walid Nassar – Minister of Tourism



MP Waddah Sadek



Ambassador of Sweden: HE Mrs Ann Dismorr

Ambassador of Slovakia: HE Mr Marek Varka

Ambassador of Romania: HE Mr Radu Cătălin Mardare

Ambassador of Tunisia: HE Mr Bouraoui Limam


And representatives from embassies like USA, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Canada, Netherlands, The European Union…

As well as many people in the audience: intellectuals like Michael Kouly

Organizers of big events like Dr Zahi & Fady Helou – Murex d’or and Jihad El Murr 2u2C and Anghami, JCT Production, Nagy Cherabieh – Virgin Radio Stars, HORECA, We Group, Art Monit, Vinifest, and many more

Festival organizers of Baalbeck, Beiteddine, Batroun, Jounieh, Bnoss Jounieh, Kobayat, Dhour El Choueir, Byblos, Ehdeniyat and many more…

As well as actors, artists, musicians, movie directors, art curators, event organizers, hotel and restaurants owners and managers, theater figures, art galleries owners, sports figures, media, reporters, bloggers, friends and many people working in events, tourism and culture.

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